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Wearable Fashion Technology

Have you ever wished you could carry technology around with you in a more convenient way? Don’t want to have the hassle of carrying around several devices? Well the wait is over wearable technology is here.

Fashion electronics is the incorporation of computers and advance electronics into clothing and accessories, eg smart watches. Wearable technology or sometimes referred to as fashion technology or tech togs is growing at a rapid rate, with all kinds of amazing gadgets that will make our lives easier and more luxurious.

These gadgets provide a huge range of functions from smart watches, personal GPS, heart rate monitors to smart eye wear. Depending on the wearable device you can watch videos, listen to music, browse through pictures, send text messages and read your emails.

Smart watches are the common known wearable devices on the market because you can do a lot more with them than just tell the time. Depending on the watch you can browse pictures, read emails, send texts and a whole host of other functions.

Smart watches are not the only devices on the market. We have activity monitors, heart rate monitors, wearable cameras, personal GPS, tech for kids, babies and pets. There are a number of other devices in the pipeline like Google Glasses, bluetooth rings and lots more we are currently not aware off.

What is common about all these devices is that they will be worn by the individual either as accessories or part of their clothing.

As you can see there is a plethora of these devices already on the market and the list grows bigger. These electronic gadgets will change the way we interact with each other and technology as a whole

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Wearable devices are becoming more common, sophisticated are the new in thing and people just love them.